"Therapy is a journey of discovery of the self, through the self, to the self."

Why I became a therapist

From a young age, I have been curious about what makes people ‘who they are’. My interest started when I noticed how completely different my younger brother and I were when we were young.

He was a laid back, content, quietly confident boy who rarely got into trouble while I was a rebellious, questioning child who was constantly on the move and frequently in trouble.

We had two completely different ways of interacting with and coping with the world. I marvelled at how two people could share the same parents, the same home, the exact same experiences but have remarkably different ways of experiencing and responding to it.

I had a lot of questions – what was it that made him content with the world as it is when all I want to do was work out what it was all about? I wasn’t so concerned with the difference but more with what was underpinning it and driving us to be so different.

As my interest grew, it became clear to me that it didn’t matter to me whether a person was active or passive, angry or calm, anxious or confident, happy or sad, accepting or rejecting.

My interest was more around understanding the journey that had led to those experiences and ways of being in the world.

I think this non-judgemental, accepting and curious approach is good for people who come into therapy for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, people who seek treatment, do so because they want to understand themselves better.

Secondly, they want to understand their problems better and how it started in the first place and finally, they want to know what they can do to feel better.

How I work

When I work with someone, we are doing just that, we are sharing our combined knowledge and expertise.

We are working together to understand who they are, what experiences they have had that have shaped their beliefs and influence how they interact with the world. What problems they experience and what existing strengths and skills they are currently using in which to cope.

I am able to use the training I have had to provide evidence-based techniques that are designed to alleviate suffering. By combining our assets in this way, the process of understanding, acceptance and meaningful change can occur.

I look forward to working with you.

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Leaving you free to enjoy life more fully.

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