Counselling assumes that psychological difficulties occur when individuals lose touch with their natural core self.

We are driven to be in harmony with the core self that we are born with. We are also born with a biological drive to survive by attaching to our primary care givers, usually our parents.

Psychological difficulties occur when there is a conflict between our natural selves that does not match with the expectations of our care givers.

How does this happen?

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Experiencing positive affirmations and acceptance for who we are and how we express ourselves leads to confidence in our natural self. Regular experiences of criticism or disapproval can lead to insecurity and uncertainty.

As a consequence we learn to abandon our natural self in favour of developing ways to avoid criticism, disapproval or rejection. Instead we learn ways to attract praise, love and acceptance. These ways of being are called ‘conditions of worth’ and they can be very oppressive.

How does counselling work?

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This form of therapy considers depression as a sign that conflict emerges between

  • who we should be according to our ‘conditions of worth’ and
  • who were born to be.

Symptoms of this conflict include

  • Excessive self-criticism
  • Low self-worth
  • Self-sabotage
  • Self-defeating behavioural patterns

Counselling aims to re-unite individuals with their true nature In order to reconcile this conflict,. It provides a warm and confidential environment in which to explore and understand their problems, underlying feelings and unmet needs.

They can explore strategies that help them to express themselves authentically and in line with their values, while maintaining healthy relationships with others and the world around them.

How can I help?

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It has been reported that counselling has a significant impact on depression and anxiety. Counsellors see noticeable changes in their patient’s perceptions of themselves and their relationships. Counselling helps us gain a better understanding of ourselves and the meaning of our experiences.

I can guide you to a greater understanding of your problems making it easier to work out how to make positive changes.

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Leaving you free to enjoy life more fully.

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) is as effective but takes a different approach.

Read About CBT..

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